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Clinically proven fast-acting edibles that provide a predictable high.

A few years ago, our co-founder’s 92-year-old grandmother asked him to procure her some marijuana.

Apparently, it was all the rage amongst her friends, and between her diabetes and her husband’s Parkinson’s, she was ready to try anything that could help.

But she was scared. She hated smoking, vaping confused her, and half the people she knew who had tried an edible had overdone it in a terrifying way. So, frightened but hopeful, she asked her grandson for help.

He managed to procure a brownie from a law-school-friend-turned-baker, but 100mg of THC in a single square was a recipe for disaster. So he sat in the kitchen and meticulously sliced that brownie into 20 pieces, sealed each in a plastic bag, and gave them to his grandmother with instructions to eat half a morsel at a time.

Our founder decided that what they needed was a different kind of edible. Something healthy, something precise, something that wasn’t scary at all.

There’s more to the story of course. There were the months of work to develop a water-soluble form of THC, that being the key to accurate dosing. Then there were the years spent building a factory, getting it licensed, and developing production processes that ensured perfect dosing for every item we made. We wanted to make products that all of our grandmothers would feel safe consuming. Because, in the end, it’s about feeling better, and you can’t feel better unless you feel safe.

So live your life to the fullest.

Stillwater Brands is committed to matching every consumer with the cannabinoid that’s best for them — no judgment, no hassle, no fear.

We’re here to make all grandmothers feel better. If we can help everyone else, all the better.