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RIPPLE x NOKHU LABS — Live Rosin QuickSticks

What did you think, the cutting edge food company was going to ignore the newest product on the market?

Of course not! But we did know we had to do it right — we had to do it like Ripple.

Introducing Ripple Live Rosin QuickSticks: The purest way to eat live rosin.

We partnered with Nokhu Labs for this drop, and by partnered we mean PARTNERED. Nokhu and Ripple picked out strains together, trained together, designed together, and overall just made an incredible product — TOGETHER!

In partnershp with Nohku Labs, renowned for their extract, Ripple brings you small-batch Live Rosin QuickSticks.

Each release touts custom label artwork by Caleb Williamson, whose work you may have seen on posters for Billy Strings, Zeds Dead, The Motet, and String Cheese Incident. Pour the powder directly on your tongue — it’s like a dab you can eat.

Nokhu's Rosin

Nokhu Lab’s fully mechanical extraction process never uses and never contains ANY solvents, for a completely solventless product and production method.

Step 1: Harvest & Freeze | Step 2: Bath to Hash | Step 3: Press to Rosin | Step 4: Cure & Separate | Step 5: Activate | Step 6: Whip it back up

Ripple's Powder

Ripple’s powder manufacturing process has a massive advantage over others when it comes to live rosin edible production — low temps.

Ripple live rosin production is a low-temp process, while most gummies have to be boiled. Heat will lead to a much quicker and more extensive degradation of both terpenes and cannabinoids.

Ripple’s production process protects all the flavor for the right place — your mouth!


What are some rosin related words?

What are some Rosin related words?

Hash Rosin | Solventless | Badder | Nectar | Jam | Fresh Press | Cold Cure | Bubble Hash | Whipped | Micron
Define Them

Rosin vs. Resin

Rosin vs Resin

Rosin does not use a solvent in the extraction process, but instead a physical separation process. Other chemical extraction methods may use Butane (BHO), Propane (PHO), mixed hydrocarbon, CO2, or Ethanol.
The Battle Continues

What is makes rosin "live?"

What Makes Rosin "live?"

Live Rosin's plant material is frozen immediately after harvest for a more flavorful extract. But starting material, extraction method, and storage techniques can all affect quality.
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What is "hash" rosin?

What is "hash" rosin?

Most rosin you see in CO is hash rosin, which is first extracted into bubble hash, before being pressed into rosin. The alternative is "flower" rosin, pressed directly from the plant and less refined.
How is Hash Made?

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