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is everything

Clinically proven fast-acting edibles that provide a predictable high.

how do you ripple?

Ripple is available in three convenient and discreet formats to meet you where you are or to take with you wherever you’re going. Adventure, or a chill night on the sofa, awaits.


Make anything an edible
Ripple QuickDissolves dissolve quickly and cleanly into any food or beverage—no oil slicks or hashy flavor here. Why settle for a bad-tasting edible? Instead, infuse all of your favorite foods and drinks with the 2X faster THC and make anything an edible!


A gummy for every high
Ripple QuickGummies combine everyone’s favorite edible with a high that’s 2X faster. In delicious, all-natural flavors and a wide range of doses, there’s a QuickGummies for every high.


Dissolves on your tongue
Ripple QuickSticks perfectly marry childhood nostalgia and adulting fun. Simply pour the delicious flavored powder on your tongue, and get after it, whatever it is. QuickSticks are the ultimate pocketable THC companion.

why ripple?


All Ripple products reach the bloodstream within 10 minutes, so you know where you’re going, fast.


More THC is absorbed overall versus the leading products, so you get more of what you paid for.


Precise dosing and fast absorption makes for a repeatable, awesome experience — the perfect high, anytime you want it.

More Δ9

Smoke isn’t always a welcomed companion. Feeling great quickly is. Ripple edibles hit like a joint, as fast as a joint.

proven in people

We’re the only company with peer-reviewed clinical research to back its claims. They say it, we prove it.

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