Nokhu Labs Talks Live ROsin

Our first partner for the Live Rosin QuickStick is Nokhu Labs from Fort Collins. 

Step by step through this process, we worked with Jakub and Dave to identify, sample, and test the best strains and matching flavors for the drop. 

We sat down with Jakub, the Nokhu Labs Lab Manager, and asked a series of questions.

What does solventless mean?
Solventless refers to an extraction process that does not use solvents. Solvents such as ethanol, butane, and propane for example. In our case we only use ice, water, heat, and pressure in order to extract our oil.

How does rosin differ from resin?
Rosin refers to a solventless extraction process to come out with your end product of cannabis oil whereas Resin refers to a product that was produced using solvents.

What is Rosin?
Rosin is a cannabis concentrate of the oil found in the trichome head on cannabis plants. Rosin is extracted using a specialized press to separate the oil from all other parts that do not contain the desired cannabinoids and terpenes.

What forms can rosin be found in?
Rosin can be found in a myriad of different forms. Some of these forms and texture are cold cure badder, warm cure badder, Jam, rosin diamonds and sauce. This difference usually applies to how the rosin is processed post initial pressing.

What is Live Rosin?
Live Rosin is rosin produced by using plants that were frozen at the moment of harvest to protect the terpene profile and taste of the plant the moment it was cut down. After being frozen you wash your fresh frozen material which leaves you with Live bubble hash. That Live bubble hash is further refined by using filtration, heat, and pressure to produce a clean, tasty dab-able product.

What is Hash Rosin?
Hash rosin is made by pressing hash on a rosin press, obtained from either dry sift or washing your flower first. This results in less of the plant and more of the trichome going into the press ending in a cleaner final product.

What is Flower Rosin?
Flower rosin is made by pressing dried and cured flower on the rosin press, this differs from hash rosin as you do not separate the trichome heads before the press process.

Why do I see tier systems and pricing for rosin products?
During the wash process you separate trichome heads by size, which directly relates to the quality and ripeness of the trichome itself. As hash makers, we grade and separate these to make different tiers of product. Taking the highest quality to produce top quality products such as Rosin or cartridges, we differentiate other micron sizes for different products that best suit their attributes. We also are able to do things such as re-press first quality rosin bags and extract more oil, the extra heat and time separates that from the first quality rosin. We are still left with a great, terpy, delicious extract that we label as second press at a more affordable price!

How does rosin differ from other extraction methods?
Rosin differs from other extraction methods mainly through not requiring any chemical change to the compounds being extracted. You are using physical means to separate the more desirable components of the plant.