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Ripple Gummies


More flavor, less sugar.

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Blood Orange

100mg THC per container

Deep, rich orange flavor with overtones of cherry and raspberry.  


Peach Cherry

100mg THC per container

The perfect match! Dark, sweet cherries balance juicy-ripe peach.


Kiwi Apple

100mg THC per container

Tart green-apple with a lingering spark of bright, ripe kiwi.


Sour Watermelon

100mg THC per container

A burst of the watermelon-candy taste you crave.


Sour Variety

100mg THC per container

Why choose one when you can have them all? Experience mouth-puckering goodness with Sour Watermelon, Sour Apple, and Sour Peach.


Green Tea Mango

50mg THC + 50mg CBD per container

Mango lovers rejoice! True mango taste, tempered with delicate green tea astringency.


Honey Lavender

200mg CBD + 5mg THC per container

Classic clover honey flavor with subtle, soothing floral notes.


Sleep - Berry Sleepy

100mg THC | 50mg CBN per container

Nobody likes tossing and turning. By combining our clinically proven fast-acting technology with the sedative properties of THC and CBN, Ripple Sleep products may help ease you into a restful night’s sleep 2X faster than the other guys.

Ripple QuickGummies have a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBN and a delicious Berry flavor to lull you into dreamland

a close up view of resin.

Rosin vs. Resin vs. Distillate - What's the Difference?

Rosin and resin are both types of cannabis concentrates that are made through the extraction of cannabis, but they can be made from different starting materials and have key differences in terms of their production and properties.

Some terms you may have heard before referring to these forms of concentrate may include: rosin, resin, live rosin, live resin, hash rosin, budder, batter, nectar, cold cure, cured, and more. See our glossary here.

Rosin (including hash rosin and live rosin) is made by pressing the plant oils from fresh, frozen cannabis flowers or pre-made hash using heat and pressure. 

The resulting product is a high-potency, sticky, sap-like substance that is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Live rosin is the most popular form of dab-able rosin, as it preserves terpenes as it’s made from fresh frozen buds. The process of making rosin is more basic, where rosin is made by applying heat and pressure to dried cannabis or hash made from dried cannabis.

Rosin extractions are referred to as “solventless.”

Resin is a little more broad, but usually associated with “Live” or “Cured” Resins, and are hydrocarbon extracted. Other common names for “resin” include Live or Cured Resin, Live or Cured Sugar, Live or Cured Budder/Batter, shatter, or oil (errl iykyk).

Resin extraction methods include solvents other than water, heat, and pressure – including Butane (BHO), Propane (PHO), mixed hydrocarbon, CO2, or Ethanol. 

Distillate refers to the product resulting from additional processing steps, and could in theory be made with any concentrate, including rosin. The steps to create distillate include heating the concentrate at very specific levels to purify and activate the THC. This may be repeated multiple times, and be paired with additional filtration steps.


These terms (rosin, resin, & distillate) are not based on scientific naming nor legislation, but seem to stay rather consistent in the market, industry wide.

a bottle of rosin next to a picture of a container of resin.

How do I get that money?

Ripple likes to reward those who keep us alive and thriving. Its very possible you can be rewarded, right now. If not, its just as possible we can make it happen. 

Get in touch with your sales rep and find out how!

We can plan an incentive based on your store size, number of employees, preferences, product selection, and more!

tips for getting that money

BOGO or 2 for $20 Deals

With a deal this good, its worth telling everyone. End your transactions by letting your customer know they can get an edible for less than $1 per dose today.

“And before we finish up I just want to let you know about a great deal Ripple has offered us, 2 up to 100mg units for $20.”

Percentage Deals

It’s still worth mentioning a sale product, and you don’t have to be pushy about it.

“We’re also featuring one of our vendors with 25% off this week. Ripple is a very unique product, because it’s a fast acting edible that makes anything an edible.”

Edible Shoppers

They are looking for edibles, so what could be better than something that hits in 15 minutes, AND can be anything they want to eat? Skip the normal list of product types –

“If you’re looking for edibles, I’d love to tell you about Ripple. They start to hit in less than 15 minutes, and you can eat anything to get high.”

Sometimes you’ll get a medical dose shopper who “has to eat too much.” Let them know that Ripple has shown a 30% better absorption rate than other edibles, AND comes in 0 calorie options.”

Smokers & Dabbers

Shoot your shot on “adding edibles” for a complete basket, or pitching the deal. You have a unique opportunity to turn a specific statement around – “Edibles don’t work on me”

“I’m not always the biggest fan of edibles, but Ripple works super quick and feels closer to smoking a joint because of the way it works. They’ve also shown it to absorb better than traditional edibles, so if you ever given them another shot, try Ripple.”

Full Ripple Brand Training - LearnBrands Mirror

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Don't wait for edibles

What is worse than waiting?
Waiting so long the concert ends?
Waiting so long you fall asleep?
Your friends feeling it 2 hours ahead of you and having all the fun?
“Intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by up to 4 hours.” Is a required warning on all Colorado edible labels. 

While this may be true, Ripple and Colorado State University, have proven using real humans and blood tests (on human blood), that Ripple THC starts to enter your blood stream in about 10 minutes, and you should be feeling it all at the 45 mark.

No other company can say this, because CSU has only worked with us.

Also, not that it really matters, but we also compared our products to the other “quick” ones, and our gummies hit 2x times faster.



Ripple gets you extra baked, for free


What is worse than not feeling it?
Spending way more money to feel it?
Not having enough money and half feeling it?
Your friends feeling it having all the fun without you?

Ripple did some dope studies with CSU up in Fort Collins, and the tests showed – Ripple technology absorbs 31% better than other edibles.

Great news for those with high tolerances. Great news for those who want to save a buck. With Ripple’s low prices and great tech, making it your go to is a no-brainer. 

Bake Ripple into any food, and now you have some food that will get you baked. You can also pour Ripple into anything, no cooking or preparation necessary. 

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like smoking weed, but not

Some people enjoy the smell of a skunk mixed with a dumpster full of fruit, others not so much.

Some people enjoy an edible wiping them out before bed, others not so much. 

If you live in one of those fancy apartments with dozens of rules, or have roommates (or children) that don’t vibe, you know the stress trying to get high can bring. Not ever a great way to feel before sending some THC to the dome.

There are many reasons to eat edibles – the smell, smoking is bad, second hand smoke, etc. That said, edibles just don’t feel right most of the time.

That’s because when you eat a traditional, fat-based edible, you are relying on your digestive system to process the THC. This can be effected by what else you’re eating, your exersize level that day, time of day, and more. Not only that, but your digestive process converts your Δ-9 to 11-Hydroxy THC, the heavy edible feeling you’re used to.

So, get off da couch (or at least have the ability to) and enjoy an experience more similar to smoking a joint. It starts to hit faster, and feels more similar that traditional edibles. 


No Unwanted surprises


Highxiety is the worst, especially when you aren’t expecting it.

Sure, sometimes we just throw caution to the wind and finish the “accidentally” overloaded dab, but it’s nice to rely on something for a change. 

We hear it all the time – predictible, reliable, consistent… But what about – groovy, chill, or rad?

All things are possible when you know what you’re getting. Enjoy a different Ripple product at different times of the day and feel differently, while knowing you can feel the same way tomorrow.

Our catagories of Sativa-Effect, Hybrid-Effect, and Indica-Effect should be used as a roadmap. They describe how the product makes most people feel in relation to expectations. They do not describe the type of oil or strain used in the products. 

Sativa-Effect (Pure, QuickSticks, Blood Orange, & Sour Variety) will allow you to keep going with your day, if you so choose. Sativa-effects let you choose where the day takes you, without dragging you down.

Hybrid-Effect (Balanced, Revive, Green Tea Mango) will take you into a state of mind without disruption. Play around with these products to see how they best effect you.

Indica-Effect (Sleep) will take most down and out. With 5mg of CBN delivered quickly and efficiently, don’t expect much up-time after finishing a packet. 

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Ask us questions

We’re the only company with peer-reviewed clinical research to back its claims. They say it, we prove it.

proven in people


Blood Orange, Peach Cherry and Many More

5mg THC per gummy

Adults just wanna have fun.


Green Tea Mango

2.5mg THC + 2.5mg CBD per gummy

Every day doesn’t have to be a struggle.


Honey Lavender

10mg CBD + 0.25mg THC per gummy
I will survive my adult life (because I have no choice).

Gummies are best enjoyed . . .

When you need an extra confidence boost

Pure Gummies: Blood Orange

When you need a push in the right direction

Balanced Gummies: Green Tea Mango

During a tedious and difficult work day

Relief Gummies: Honey Lavender

Dissolve every kind of stress

For every kind of fix.

The best in cannabis. The best in you.
We exclusively use water-soluble distillates made with Ripple technology, for a functional experience that’s smooth, fast-acting, and consistent. Learn More
The best in cannabis. The best in you.
We exclusively use water-soluble distillates made with Ripple technology, for a functional experience that’s smooth, fast-acting, and consistent. Learn More
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